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The email mailing list of travel agents is a directory that aims to put together all the necessary information relating to travel to travel enthusiasts. The directory builds a network of websites related to traveling with the objective of helping people who need to travel have access to information relating to any topic they are looking for. A good travel directory is able to provide links to perfect places to travel since they are put into categories. The categories are placed into various headings such as accommodation, breakfast, currency services and family trips amongst others and a traveler can simply choose the service he/she fancies most. When traveling most people would usually employ the services of a tour guide, however a travel directory not only gives good information about the destinations of your travel but also acts as a tour and travel guide to any part of the world. Compilations of articles regarding travels, special events of different places you might like to participate in and how to get there is all found and nicely documented in the directory. You can also share photos with everyone else via the directory of the wonderful places you have visited and even give firsthand accounts of your travel; this is because the photo gallery section of the directory has an accompanying blog.